Final Discussion – Summer of Night!

Hey, all!

That’s a wrap!

What a journey Dan Simmons took us on! As always, feel free to throw down your own questions & comments!

1. Did you enjoy the Summer of Night experience?! (PLEASE SAY YES, PLEASE SAY YES!)

2. If this was your first Simmons, what were your thoughts on his writing? If you have read him before, how does this compare?

3. Do you plan on reading the other books in this series (Seasons of Horror)?

4. Do you think the evil that haunted the town is gone for good?

5. Do you think you would have handled shit as calmly & maturely as the kids did?!

6. Is a group readalong something that would interest you again in the future? Do you prefer reading a book throughout the month in weekly sections or would you rather have one big discussion after a few weeks?

Thank you for taking part in our very first readalong! We are thinking about holding another one of these for October. We’ll have more information later if you would like to join us!

Catch you later, Fried P’tater!


9 thoughts on “Final Discussion – Summer of Night!

  1. 1. Really enjoyed the Summer of Night experience. The book was great and it was nice sharing thoughts with you all.

    2. I’ve read Hyperion by Simmons- it’s sci fi so quite different. But I found there was a lot of detail in Hyperion too.

    3. I only knew there was a sequel after seeing Corey mention it – both are added to my tbr!

    4. If there’s a sequel I’m guessing things haven’t been quite as resolved as they seem?!

    5. I’m not sure if I’d been as cool as those kids were! I’d like to think I wouldn’t have just stayed at home scared shitless!

    6. Definitely love more read alongs with you guys in the future – if I’ve not planned a buddy read already. And I don’t mind how we discuss.



  2. 1. I loved Summer of Night! And it was fun to read everyone’s thoughts every week.

    2. This was my first Dan Simmons but I will definitely read more by him. He does love to go into details, which made the beginning of the story feel a little slow, but I got used to it and enjoyed his style all up.

    3. While there’s a couple of his other books I’d like to read first (Ilium and Olympos), I’m sure I’ll pick the other books in the series up at some point.

    4. Hmm, that’s a good question. It might just come back one day, somehow…

    5. Hell no! I’d have packed my bags and left! Or slept in my parents bed every night…ha ha. I hope that I would have somehow been useful, if thrown in a situation like that…but I doubt I would have crawled around freaky worm holes on my own.

    6. I would definitely participate in another group read. I like the weekly format but wouldn’t have a problem if you tried something else.


  3. 1. I loved Summer of Night! I’ve owned it for awhile now, so I’m glad this readalong forced me to pick it up.

    2. I really enjoyed Dan Simmons writing. I know some people thought it made the story slower, but I enjoyed the details. They helped set the atmosphere, which was my favorite part.

    3. I definitely want to read the other two books. I’d like to read Children of the Night in October and A Winter Haunting in December.

    4. Hmm…I think the evil is gone. We’ll probably find out in A Winter Haunting.

    5. Hell no! I wouldn’t have been calm or mature in that situation.

    6. I enjoyed the group readalong and would definitely participate again if it was a book I was interested in. I liked the weekly format, but would be fine with something different.


    1. That sounds like a good schedule for Children of the Night & A Winter Haunting!!

      Thanks so much for joining the first Grimdragon readalong!!! It seemed like everyone really loved the book!!



  4. This was so much fun, and with such an amazing book.

    1. OH GOD YES! I actually really loved it. If you want my full thoughts, here’s a little review I did on Goodreads:

    2. This isn’t my first Simmons book, but it is definitely my favourite now. So many reasons to love it!

    3. Definitely am reading the rest of his Seasons of Horror. I read that Children of the Night stars Mike and A Winter Haunting stars Dale. I’m so glad there’s more about them to read!

    4. I’m not sure if it’s gone for good, mainly because there is other books. But that may be something else. I guess I’ll see!

    5. Not even close. Mike’s plan’s were so well thought out (for the most part). I just would have gone in Old Central guns blazing!

    6. I actually really enjoyed the weekly forums. It was cool to see people’s thoughts and predictions along the way. As to another read along, yes please!

    I really hope you do have another in October. I’d be in, regardless of what book.



  5. 1. I LOVED THIS BOOK! I can definitely see why it gets compared favorably to IT. The level of nostalgia and reminiscing I felt for my childhood was just amazing, and while it didn’t scare me as much as I’d hoped, there were definitely some tense/creepy scenes.

    2. Not my first Simmons, I read The Terror back in November. I really enjoyed The Terror, but I thought Summer Of Night was so much better. While the level of detail in Summer Of Night helped me feel like I was there and I knew the kids and the town, the detail in The Terror could just make it seem like it was dragging at times.

    3. Oh definitely! I have A Winter Haunting planned for December, and I’m hoping to get to Children Of The Night at some point as well.

    4. Hmm, hard to say. I’d hope so, but we do have A Winter Haunting set in the same town, so it’s hard to tell.

    5. Hell no! I like to think I’d be brave and fearless but honestly I know better. I’d have been scared out of my mind.

    6. Oh, I would definitely participate in a future read along as long as I was interested in the book. Either way works, I’m not particular on the format. I think the weekly sections let you discuss things while they’re fresh in your mind instead of forgetting them or having them blocked out by later events, and they help people who don’t read as fast avoid spoilers of future events. But, if it’s a good book I will tend to blow through it, and the weekly sections can feel restrictive if you’re trying to pace yourself when you want to go on. But they both work.


  6. 1. YES!

    2. I really enjoyed his style and will read more of his books. I had this book in my shelf for maybe 10 years or so, thanks to this I finally read it (and loved it). Sometimes I wanted to speed read to get things happen, but I do that when it’s very exciting.

    3. I have A winter haunting but will save it til winter .)

    4. I hope so, but I guess it never is if there is a sequel

    5. Not really, I think I would stay in my room and read about others having adventures 😉

    6. I really enjoyed reading with others. I had a lot to do at work so I was a little bit behind the rest but I am trying to read what everyone thought now. Next time I will start early to have more time to read in english.

    (Website mostly in Swedish)


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