Fuzzy Nation – John Scalzi

“Get off my planet, you son of a bitch.”

This is a retelling of the 1960’s H. Piper Beam novel, Little Fuzzy. I was unfamiliar with this source material prior to reading this, so I cannot compare the two. However, I enjoyed this John Scalzi interpretation!

Jack Holloway is a contractor for ZaraCorp, 178 light-years from Earth. Alone. Just the way he likes it. Well.. not completely alone. Carl his dog is his constant companion. Hell, he even helps him blow shit up. Like cliffs. Yes, Carl detonates bombs under Holloway’s watch. Sometimes he even detonates them in cliff’s filled with *highly* coveted stones. Stones that are incredibly valuable & draw some attention to our protagonist.

This causes some issues, as one might imagine. Between the legalities of Jack getting disgustingly rich & Zarathustra trying to prove that the planet is home to no sentient species for their own profit, something else is discovered by Jack. Or, someone else. An adorable furry creature much like an Ewok, except less viciously savage. Because, EWOKS ATE THOSE STORMTROOPERS, GUYS! Ahem. I digress. These bipedal cat-like creatures could fuck everything up for Holloway. If they are deemed sentient, this would ruin his chances of extreme wealth.

Much of the story is told through Jack’s interactions with the fuzzy family & the shenanigans they get up to. It was often like a slapstick comedy when the fuzzies were involved, but there were some emotional parts as well. Scalzi weaves wit & banter throughout, while dealing with some pretty heavy issues like ecologically corrupt Big Bad corporations, exploitation & death.

Fuzzy Nation is essentially a science fiction courtroom drama & it is entertaining as hell! Not only is it funny, but it is full of heart.



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