Thunderbird – Chuck Wendig

Miriam just laughed, because, c’mon. Titmouse. Titmouse. The ranger just stood there, annoyed –blink, blink, blink–and Miriam of course explained because Miriam of course enjoys digging holes and jumping in them. She said, “Because first you imagine a mouse, a little squeaky mouse, and then you imagine a tit–a boob, a breast, a sweater monkey that has escaped its underwire cage–and now it’s attached to the mouse? Like, on its back? Or the top of its head? Flopping around like a damn Jell-O mold? Huh? Right? Oh, come on. That’s funny. That’s just… that’s just good humor, lady.”

Thunderbird is the fourth book in Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series. Just like the three books that came before it, this was fucking glorious! I devoured it within 24 hours, a major thing for me these days between life & writing. It’s one of my favorite series for a reason! I find it so easy to fall into this messed up, authentic world that Wendig has created.

In Cormorant, Miriam learned of a psychic who may be able to get rid of her curse/gift & give her back some semblance of a normal life. She heads to the Southwest in search of this woman, Mary Scissors. What she finds is so much more. Because of course! This is Miriam Black we are talking about. She finds trouble. Trouble finds her. And boy does it find her in this installment! Just when you think Miriam has seen it all.. Wendig throws in the worst vision Miriam has ever experienced.

This time around Miriam is different, though. There is something within her that has.. changed. She has been abandoned, knocked around, emotionally shattered. She has had one too many close calls. Miriam has seen some shit! This has definitely taken a toll on her. She has matured slightly (but still has her filthy mouth, fuck you very much) & she is more hopeful than ever before. It’s just a really amazing thing to see this character grow so massively, so genuinely. It gives me the warm fuzzies in my cold, black heart!

Wendig again gives us more pieces of the Miriam puzzle. He really is masterful at a well-paced, never hectic story. Layer by layer unravelling this beautifully complex, broken but trying to heal, badass individual that I love so much. Wendig speaks to my soul & I cannot get enough of it!

I need book five like Miriam needs her next nicotine fix!



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