Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Alexander Freed

In the instant before he’d risen from the bunker, he’d questioned his own wisdom: How might he separate the will of the Force from his will, his ego, demanding action where action was unneeded? But there was no doubt in his heart now. The Force expressed itself through simplicity, and all it asked of him was to walk.

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

Well fuck. Just when I think I am finally emotionally stable enough to delve in before watching the movie again, this. THIS. I devoured this like the masochist I am!

Rogue One is the best Star Wars novelization, bar none. Scratch that. This is the best novelization of any movie EVER (I know, I know. That ET novelization was BOSS, but this is even better. I promise you!) I cannot imagine the task of writing the next big Stars Wars installment being an easy one, but Alexander Freed did a brilliant job! It flows well after Catalyst, but yet still feels unique in its own right.

With novelizations, most readers will have already seen the film that it is based off of. The visual aspect is already there, generally for the better. Releasing Catalyst just before the movie & then having the novelization alongside the movie was a genius move, in my opinion. This is quality storytelling!

The writing is absolutely incredible. Freed made sure to handle these characters with so much respect. He gave the main characters individual POV moments & I think that really fleshed out the story in such a genuine way. It made me love them that much more! We see inside Jyn’s character quite profoundly – the sense of rejection she faces, her experience within the Rebel Alliance, her complicated relationship with Saw. It’s just.. it’s more than the movie could explore. She really is such a badass!

One of the only issues I had with the movie was that there wasn’t enough Bodhi Rook. Well my friends, our beloved pilot gets plenty of backstory here. And yet.. I want MORE! I wouldn’t say no to a standalone Bodhi prequel novel, just saying! While we are at it, why not more information on the still somewhat mysterious Cassian Andor?!

Another thing I liked is the supplementary information that is included. These interludes seem to be more & more common within the new canon novels & I think it works well here. I really wish the movie had included more of the Mon Mothma scenes, for instance!

There is something I love about the juxtaposition of deliciously tender writing, paired with gritty action – much like Mark Lawrence’s writing. Alexander Freed seems to have found that balance within this Star Wars story. This was so beautifully written, it was almost poetic.

If you loved Rogue One, I think you will benefit from reading this. It captures exactly what the movie did, but adds to it. I loved it so goddamn much!



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