The Cormorant – Chuck Wendig

He’s got the muscle tone of a crumpled jerk off tissue.

The Cormorant is the follow-up to the fantastically raucous Blackbirds & Mockingbird. Are you sensing the theme here? Yes, BIRDS! And we get to meet quite the bird in this instalment, Corie the cormorant. She is sassy & I adore her! And Jerry. The scenes with the two of them are top notch entertainment!

Miriam is on the move, making her way to Florida. She is now a killer.. but a killer that is trying to change the fate of innocent people who she sees die in her visions. Blood for blood. Her story from common thief to killer is quite the journey! Miriam doesn’t necessarily find this change in.. profession, an easy one. We get to know our girl Miriam on a deeper level in this novel. You should know by now that not everything is always so black & white with her, but with The Cormorant we get a closer look at her past, what she has gone through. We learn more about her mother. It is just a really tragic story. One that Wendig intersperses throughout.

With The Cormorant, we find out that Miriam’s powers are more complicated than we originally thought. There were hints of this in Mockingbird, with the connection to birds displayed more prominently. Wendig teases the reader with what may come in Thunderbirds & I for one am super excited about it!

Like with the previous books, The Cormorant has brutal violence, profanity, mystery, dark humor & a fast paced plot (is there a better paced series than this? I THINK NOT!) Most of all it has heart. This isn’t just some stabby stabby gore porn trying to be cutting edge & different. No. This is so much more. Wendig doesn’t have to try. He just IS. It is a genuinely badass series. I can see how others may be put off by something like this, but I absolutely cannot get enough of it! Sometimes I feel as though the bearded Wendig is sitting in my head, pulling out my thoughts while drinking whiskey & cackling mischievously!

This is the book that completely outdoes anything else Wendig has put out there with Miriam Black. It is a gloriously weird, gritty, fucked up ride. He keeps punching me in the face with the crazy & I continue to allow him to do it over & over again. He leaves his mark on me, the foul-mouthed deviant that I am!

This series is ridiculously enthralling. I cannot get enough!



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