Mockingbird – Chuck Wendig

Ghosts, restless and sad, stir inside her.

If you are now considering book two in the Miriam Black series & you ask yourself “Self. Can Miriam Black BE any more badass?” HOW DARE YOU?! OF COURSE SHE CAN, SHITBIRD! OF COURSE SHE CAN! She is something else in this sequel. For real.

This picks up a year after where book one has left off & Miriam has been.. suppressing her powers. For those unfamiliar with this series, Miriam can see how someone will die just by touching them. One year later sees her somewhat settled down. But not for much longer!

It feels like she’s got a storm brewing deep inside her, a mean typhoon with an endless hunger. She might as well feed the beast.

Miriam is just as caustic, profane & blunt as ever.. except, we also see more of a.. I don’t want to say softer side, let’s not go too crazy here! But a more real look at Miriam’s emotions. She lets down her walls just ever so slightly & we become even more endeared to this passionate, disturbed, badass individual. There isn’t a character quite like Miriam! I fucking adore her!

Wendig continues to showcase his incredible way with dialogue, his fast paced storytlines & the process with which he starts to reveal some things is just all fucking fantastic! He writes in such a ferocious way, both haunting & yet beautiful. His words punch me in the face, over & over again. He can write something so sarcastic (not unlike something that may fly out of my own mouth a time or two) & then something so.. wrapped up in emotion. Such as, “She gets on her tippy-toes and kisses him. Long, slow, deep. The kind of kiss where you can feel little pieces of your soul trading places as mouths open and breath mingles.” Way to stomp all over my goddamn heart, Wendig! That is just what he does. He invokes FEELING. Good, bad, ugly. This is why he is one of my favorite writers. JUST MAKE ME FEEL ALL OF THE THINGS!

If you like your stories brutal, dark & unapologetic, look no further! This had even more graphic violence, more twists & turns & MORE LOUIS! The horror is amped up, the mystery is heightened. If you have read a lot of crime fiction/thrillers/horrors, you may guess the BIG THING before it is revealed, like I did, but it did not detract from the amazing storytelling from Wendig. This is not a big murder mystery novel, anyway. It is more about Miriam & how she will react. There are some delightfully creepy parts in this & I LOVED IT! This book was absolutely devoured! I cannot wait to see where Wendig takes our Miriam next!

Five stars, two thumbs up, and a bunch of wiggly toes!



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