Dark Run – Mike Brooks

Of all the ways I could choose to die, being blown into hard vacuum by an explosive device was a long way from the top of the list.

Mike Brooks’ debut novel, Dark Run, is an unabashedly fun space-Western!

This book moves fast! It is a quick page-turner about a lovable crew of misfits aboard a spaceship. Their relationships; their pasts; their misadventures. Most of the crew is looking for a second chance. They are inherently good people that have gotten into bad situations previously. Working on the Keiko is a new beginning. Somewhere they can get their footing again & make something of a life for themselves. Mercenaries, smugglers, engineers, computer hackers.. this is a ragtag crew, indeed!

It is inevitable that it will draw comparisons to Firefly. What space-Western with a wisecracking crew wouldn’t, am I right? It definitely has some Firefly undertones, but it isn’t fair to compare it completely to that Whedon epic. I mean, Firefly is pretty much my favorite show EVER. There is no way this comes close. However, it was a wry, well-paced, interesting story. Not the most unique story ever written, but it certainly brings something to the science fiction table.

This was like throwing on an old, comfortable sweater. I found it easy to fall into the storylines & I grew to really like these characters. I cannot wait to read more about them in the sequel, which comes out in North America this Summer!

If you enjoy space adventures, this one was an immensely enjoyable romp!



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