Blackbirds – Chuck Wendig

Miriam snorts. “That’s me. My fair fuckin’ lady.”

Well fuck me, what a ride! Miriam Black is like a modern day badass femme fatale.. a whiskey drinking, tough, foul-mouthed, self-loathing, standoffish, flawed & yet absolutely ENDEARING character. My kind of chick! I was drawn to her immediately.

Miriam has a special talent. A.. unique ability, if you will. She gets a vision of how someone will die whenever she touches them for the first time. Sounds pretty gnarly, yeah? No wonder Miriam is as fucked up as she is!

I have waxed poetic about Wendig & how much I adore him many times before. However, reading Blackbirds has just solidified him as one of my favorite writers. The man is truly my spirit animal!

The gory web that Chuck Wendig spins is violent; bloody; thrilling; horrific; & beautiful! It captures you by the balls & doesn’t loosen the grasp until the very last page. It is compulsively readable! I cannot wait to get punched in the face again with Mockingbird!

5 solid carpet noodles!



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