The Thicket – Joe R. Lansdale

“A cow? She got run over by a goddamn cow? I ain’t never heard of that. Now, that is some shit, that is. A fucking cow.”

The Thicket was my last book of 2016 & I am so glad I ended with it! It was the perfect length, the subject matter was obviously quite grim but there were delightfully twisted & hilarious moments & it kept me incredibly engrossed the whole time! There legitimately was not a moment where I found the story boring. IT WAS THAT GOOD! From the first paragraph, I was hooked! When I had only gotten about halfway through, I knew this was going to be on my Best Of 2016 list! It was such an easy, comfortable read. I mean that in the best of ways!

This crime/suspense/western novel is about Jack, a Texas teenager who has been through some shit. It truly has an array of everything, light & dark. Smallpox, violence, grave diggers, sex, dwarves, violence, kidnapping, prostitutes, violence, a hog named Hog, love, revenge & oh, did I mention violence?! Because there was a lot of it & it was fucking brilliant! I can easily picture this being turned into a Coen Brothers movie starring Peter Dinklage as Shorty. SO BLOODY AWESOME!

I had already started collecting Lansdale novels before reading this, but now I am set on devouring the rest of his work! I enthusiastically recommend this quirky adventure!



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