Catalyst – James Luceno

I’m encouraged to learn that your brain remains in working order.

Okay. OKAY. As if I wasn’t excited enough already for Rogue One, then you have to throw in a novel that just so happens to be the prequel to said soon-to-be-badass-new canon-anthology Star Wars movie? Released prior to the movie coming out? YOU MEAN WE GET ACTUAL SOLID BACKSTORY BEFORE SEEING THE EVENTS UNFOLD ON THE BIG SCREEN?! TAKE ALL MY MONEY! This is not necessary to read ahead of time, but it certainly helps to set the stage for some quality storytelling to flesh out these characters we will see come to life in Rogue One!

Krennic, Galen, Jyn.. I pictured them so vividly, mainly because of who will be playing them. But I liked that. There was something cool about having the characters burned into my brain (from having watched the trailers & promotional material no less than 159367496.5 times) already without any prior knowledge heading into the book. Before a word had been read. Much different than if you start a book series & then it gets made into a television show, but you aren’t finished the series, so you avoid the television show because OMFG! WHAT IF THESE CHARACTERS LOOK NOTHING LIKE I HAD IMAGINED?! Well folks, no need to worry about that here! Orson Krennic is pretty much THE character for me in this & I am psyched as hell to see Ben Mendelsohn in this role. Krennic is going to be one of the craziest villains in the Star Wars universe. I CAN SENSE IT IN THE FORCE!

If you couldn’t tell from the cover, this story mainly focuses on the construction of the Death Star. THAT’S NO MOON! It gives us a bigger picture of what went on logistically for this space station to become what it was & why it took so long to build. If you are just beginning your new canon Star Wars fiction journey & are not all that fussed about the Death Star (WHAT?!) then I wouldn’t put this at the top of your priority list. It is, however, a quality Star Wars novel & one that introduces us to at least two solid characters that I personally cannot wait to see more of.

Please excuse me while I continue to flail for the next 10 days! BRING ON ROGUE ONE!

4 solid Death Stars!



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