Aftermath – Chuck Wendig

Be patient. Be strong. Fight back where you can. The Imperial war machine falls apart one gear, one gun, one stormtrooper at a time. The New Republic is coming. And we want your help to finish the fight.

I am a big fan of Chuck Wendig’s blog. Out of all the modern writers that I have read so far, I feel like I relate to the way he writes the most. We have a similar sense of warped humor & are both weirdos. He is obviously far more successful with those attributes, currently ^_^

I just feel like my soul connects to his (IN A NON-STALKER WAY, GUYS) & his writing is something I always look forward to. It just makes me feel optimistic that perhaps one day I will be able to sell my first book (WORKING ON IT) or have a successful blog. Just by being my authentic self. And that is fucking rad as hell.

In saying that, I had yet to read A WENDIG NOVEL. Aftermath has sat on my nightstand since it was released in September of last year. I love grabbing a Star Wars book on release day, let me tell you (even if I don’t plan on reading it immediately!) There is just so much excitement I still have for this franchise. ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT!

I truly enjoyed his take on the Star Wars universe. It wasn’t the most action-packed, or even the most emotional, but it was fucking interesting.

Aftermath takes place after Return of the Jedi & before The Force Awakens. It features a diverse collection of characters – Sinjir, a former Imperial loyalty officer, Norra, an ex-Rebel fighter; Temmin, Norra’s son that she left behind to search for her missing husband; Mister Bones, a pretty terrifying battle droid that is also extremely lovable; & Jas, a Zabrak bounty hunter who I adored.

There are little things throughout that make this feel like progress has been made by expanding the sense of inclusion. Thank you, Wendig. Thank you, Disney & Lucasfilm. Thank you for realizing that there is more out there than the traditional views of the human condition (as much as Trump would like you not to believe..) By having Wendig ::gasp:: including gay characters, it just feels RIGHT. It feels true. It makes my little nerd heart happy! Anyone else that thinks this damages the franchise are horrible, awful people.

Familiar faces make an appearance, a fan favorite character may be returning, there are hints as to who a mysterious Admiral is, which would fit in nicely with The Force Awakens. The group of main individuals are awesome. I love Sinjir & Jas! When reading this, I felt like Wendig truly loves Star Wars. I mean, I know he does. But I could sense it within this. He took care with how he approached the universe & I think he did it justice. A lot of good things. I like it. I like it a lot!

Four fragging stars!



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