The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie

“I’m still alive..”

I have to thank Corey for giving me the kick in the arse I apparently needed to finally begin THE ABERCROMBIE! I had bought The First Law trilogy boxset three years ago for my birthday & it has sat on my nightstand since then. Readgret, indeed! I owned Half a King also, because I knew Abercrombie was going to be an author I loved. Corey told me how much he loved the Shattered Sea trilogy & that he knew I would fall for Thorn Bathu (I DID), so I moved it up my priority tbr.

I ended up devouring it! In saying that, I had a feeling that I was going to like The First Law series even more.

This is an epic fantasy. I mean, that gets thrown a lot, doesn’t it? Epic fantasy. But this truly is. Abercrombie writes with such complexity, but an engaging one. The plot does take some time. I am a fan of the slow burn, so I didn’t find this an issue. Every page cannot just all be kill kill fight sex. The real talent lies in the dialogue, in the plotting of interesting scenes, of setting up something that will affect something else later down the road. Worldbuilding is the most important thing, in my opinion. Abercrombie just.. he fucking gets it. Building an epic universe takes time.

However, this isn’t just a meandering masterpiece, either. There is bloodshed, betrayal & brutality; subtle, dark humor interspersed throughout; & truly heartwarming, tender moments. Rather than be yet another cliche of the genre, Abercrombie takes something & just runs with the details. He bends the genre to his will. Good things come to those who wait.. & if you weren’t already enamored, those last 100 pages are worth the buildup. They are everything. HOT DAMN.

Abercrombie knows how to create a new world, but he also knows how to write a damn good character. There are such a wide variety of loathsome assholes within this. And yet.. despite themselves, I found the characters likeable. Damaged, cynical, downright despicable & yet endearing. You can’t help but root for them!

I cannot wait to see what is in store for FERRO MALJINN, Logen, Glokta (I fucking love his brilliant character), Jezal, Ardee, Bayaz.. they truly make this story.

Nine out of ten fingers!



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