The Troop – Nick Cutter

IN A WORLD.. where a Scout troop goes on a yearly trek to Prince Edward Island, encounter a stranger & then CHAOTIC SHIT BEGINS TO GO DOWN!

Uhhh arghhhh bleeergh!

Holy fuckballs. Hmm. Eh. Uh. Ahh. Where to begin?

Well, it immediately felt like it was written to become a movie & if they aren’t already working on it, I am sure it isn’t far off!

I must admit, I was disappointed. I have heard nothing but glowing remarks for Nick Cutter & The Troop. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely read more of Cutter’s work. But I felt like he dropped the ball on what could have been an incredibly chilling book. Cutter relied on disgusting gore, which I normally enjoy. I can handle a lot of shit, “sick puppy” that I am. But I need something MORE to go along with it.

The macabre was on par with a Barker, I would say. However, rather than having us form an emotional connection to the characters (besides Newton & also Max, to a lesser extent) he focused on the creepy crawlies. And yeah, they ARE fucking creepy, these weird creatures. Deliciously gruesome at times. There was even a part I found truly disturbing, because I cannot stand when animals are harmed. Otherwise, I didn’t really feel overly grossed out, scared or.. interested. I was ready for it to be over with & to see how it ended, to be honest.

Once you remove the gory shit, the story is fairly weak. The characters are clichéd & the ending was a cop out.

There were good bones about this, though. The dude can write, he definitely has some classic horror vibes. I loved how he borrowed from Carrie & used newspaper clippings & interviews to add to the overall feel of the story.

This is definitely not for those with weak stomachs!

Three worm tube-like hungry hungry creature things out of five!



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