Dark Disciple – Christie Golden

Cheers the spirit, humor does, even at the darkest times.

Dark Disciple is an extension of The Clone Wars, which is based on eight unproduced episodes. It takes place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. You don’t necessarily have to know much about these characters to read this particular story, however it does help to know some of their backstory at least. The protagonist is Asajj Ventress, who is a Nightsister; Sith-in-training; bounty hunter. She truly is a multidimensional character! 

Dark Disciple has been my favorite new canon novel so far! I was immediately hooked by the writing & the fast paced storyline. It actually moved slightly too fast for the first few chapters, but then eases into the plot progression where we were able to get to know the characters more. PLUS, many old faces made an appearance!

I have shipped Ahsoka & Asajj for quite some time, two of my favorite characters. I’m not mad at this story between Vos & Asajj, however. It ended up being an incredibly touching, interesting, captivating relationship. I also felt like we returned to the Star Wars banter that I love so much with Dark Disciple!

The reason I cannot give this five full stars is because of a very big issue I had with it. If you would like to read THE SPOILERS, head over to my Goodreads for a spoilerific review!

In the Foreword, Katie Lucas described how I feel perfectly. “I’ve always been drawn to resilient female characters having grown up obsessively watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ventress was the punk warrior witch of my dreams. Her strength & vulnerability resonated profoundly with me.” I fucking LOVE Asajj. She is an absolutely brilliant, strong, dynamic BADASS character. I am so glad that we were given more of a story for my beloved Asajj.

Dark Disciple curb stomped my heart, but it also made me really excited to read even more by Christie Golden & to continue reading ALL OF the new canon! We were given insight into an incredible character, a thrilling novel that shows the darker side of bounty hunting & just MORE of The Clone Wars world, which ended far too soon. With this, the fandom is given some closure.

May the Force always be with us.

4.5 Stars



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