Ahsoka – E.K. Johnston

Ahsoka watched. Ahsoka waited. Ahsoka was not afraid.

Not to state the obvious, but this is a book for people that are already familiar with Ahsoka Tano. Ahhh. My beloved Ahsoka, the young Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. We are introduced to Ahsoka (Snips) in The Clone Wars. Although not the most popular character at the beginning, she quickly became a cherished fan favorite! Hence why she has a full book dedicated to her story! I absolutely adore her. Full of snark, Ahsoka is a kickass, savage warrior! She is also incredibly loyal, moral & stands up for what she believes in. She is easily one of my top characters, within the old legends & new canon. 

This book is set a year after Revenge of the Sith when Ahsoka has left Order 66 & just before her appearance on Rebels. She is living as a mechanic named Ashla. GET IT?! ASHLA! ::pushes nerd glasses up:: The moon which represents the light side of the Force! (Sidenote: I LOVE EASTER EGGS!) Something happens & Ahsoka (Ashla) needs to leave where she is currently & ends up on Raada, a small farming moon. It is really beautiful to see what happens with Ahsoka & the community, with her growth as a character during this time.

The last half of the book begins to hit a stride & plot lines move along quickly. We see many old characters weave in & out of the story. We learn more about certain characters & their backstory.

Reading a Star Wars book is like throwing on an old, worn, comfy sweater for me. It just feels GOOD. All Star Wars books have a general vibe about them. This wasn’t any different. However, I did find the writing lacked a bit of oomph. I much preferred Claudia Gray’s writing in Lost Stars. I found it far more captivating. Not to say that this wasn’t interesting. It certainly was! It did perhaps suffer from being ALL about Ahsoka though. She is just such a badass character, it is hard to compete with her. The secondary characters were fairly meh. I wasn’t that invested in them, to be honest.

I truly hope we will get a sequel from this, as there are many gaps to be filled before Ahsoka’s Rebels storyline. There is a whole book that could be written about Fulcrum & the rebel movement, at least!

If you are an Ahsoka fan & want to learn more about her character, I highly recommend this! It was a fun read that fills in some of the unknown about a strong character that is integral to many people within the Star Wars universe!



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