Half the World – Joe Abercrombie

And Thorn strode tall through a thunder of clashing metal, the warriors parting before her like the earth before the plow.

Half the World continues on with Yarvi’s story, from the POV of Thorn. Oh, Thorn. How I adore her! Such a badass, savage, flawed character! And Yarvi is even better in this book, for sure. We get to see the multilayered sides of his character. He is cunning, smart, funny. It will be interesting to see where Abercrombie takes his character in Half a War!

The last 100 pages or so were INSANE. My heart was in my throat, I was worrying about these characters & what was to come of them. The intense battle scenes. Everything. It was SO FUCKING GOOD!

I am finding it hard to write about this book, because I truly did adore everything about it! I even enjoyed the little touch of a love story.. & this chick does not care for romance, normally! Not to sound like a broken record, but the world-building is stellar & the characters are especially wonderfully written.

I am currently waiting for Half a War to get here. It cannot come soon enough! GODDAMNIT, ABERCROMBIE!



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